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Indianapolis Senior Photographer | Joel | 2017 Senior

I’m happy to introduce you all to Joel, a phenomenal senior at Fishers HS. Along with excelling at high school football and lacrosse, he is a serious student and leader too (in athletics, Cru, and in many other activities). I would describe him as both one of the hardest working kids I know and as a young many with outstanding character. He is another senior who serves as a tremendous role model for the many kids (and others) watching him in the local and extended community. I’ve been blessed to know him for many years.

Outside of his athletic aspirations, he hopes to attend the University of Cincinnati, The Ohio State University, or Indiana University for college.

He describes himself as a “Christian athlete who is passionate about all sorts of things.” I couldn’t agree more with this assessment.

The one thing you really don’t know about Joel? He’s kind of a geek. He loves Star Wars, comic books, superheroes (and movies), science fiction. If he could pick one super power, it would be supers speed.

I hope you get to know Joel because he’s an awesome kid with big things ahead. Best of luck to you this year Joel!

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