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Indianapolis Photographer | Sterling | Senior Portraits

I was impressed with Sterling from first moment we met. She’s a creative and artistic young lady who also possesses a tremendous sense of humor and killer sense of style. She hopes to further her creative pursuits by attending film school or being accepted into a good film and photography program in college (hopefully in NYC or California).

She describes herself as a laid back, super friendly, and creative photographer who also likes being around people, reading, and listening to music (she also tells me she is mildly obsessed with eating healthy). She is a track athlete who is also working on creating new content for her YouTube channel (she’s very talented). She is fiercely loyal to her family and friends and would do anything to help somebody in need.

While there are so many more things I love about Sterling, her favorite answer was a response to my question: If you could have a super power, what would it be? She told me: “A super power I would love to have is giving great mental health to anyone who needs it. There’s such a big stigma around mental health, and our mind is our biggest weapon.” I love this so much. I wish Sterling the best of luck this year and in the future!



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