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First Post!

Hello! After many years as a wedding and portrait photographer, I’m excited to update my web site to now have blog content. Feel free to read more about me in the “My Story” link on my site to get to know me better. My priorities are faith, family, and work, in that order. I’m also a photographer and high school counselor, which are both careers that are amazing for many reasons. I honestly feel blessed every day to have careers that allow me to impact other people and also connect and befriend new people on a continual basis.

Thank you to The Siners for their friendship and advice in helping my update my new site (they are amazing friends, people, and photographers). Also thanks to Meg Mellinger for my family photos, creating my new logo, and for being an awesome friend and second photographer for many weddings. With that said, 2016 has exciting things in store for my family, photography business, and more. I look forward to future blogging.

Again, thanks for visiting my site! I’m hoping you’ll check back in and say hello sometime.

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