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Indianapolis Senior Photographer | Kelley | 2016 Senior

Enjoyed meeting Kelley and photographing her senior session! The red shoes in some of her photos represent a tradition in her studio because each senior incorporates has incorporated red shoes in their senior sessions over the years. Very cool. I learned she is headed to Florida for college next year to major in Dance. She is another intelligent and awesome senior I have had the opportunity to work with over this past year. Great to meet you Kelley! Good luck in your endeavors.
Crowne Plaza Wedding_0117.jpg
Crowne Plaza Wedding_0118.jpg
Crowne Plaza Wedding_0119.jpg
Crowne Plaza Wedding_0120.jpg
Crowne Plaza Wedding_0121.jpg
Crowne Plaza Wedding_0122.jpg
Crowne Plaza Wedding_0123.jpg
Crowne Plaza Wedding_0124.jpg
Crowne Plaza Wedding_0125.jpg
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