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Indianapolis Senior Photographer | Max | 2017 Senior

Loved my session with 2017 Senior Max. He excels in football and lacrosse but also takes his academics very seriously. He is hoping to attend University of Indianapolis or IU Kelley School of Business in college.

 Although he is laid back, friendly, and easy going, his competitive side comes out big time when he is playing sports. Along with devoting a ton of time to athletics, he is involved in multiple clubs at school and also enjoys coaching younger kids as well.

When I asked what he likes to do, he told me: “My passion is enjoying life and keeping things as fun as possible. I enjoy learning more about the business world. I prefer to explore new places with friends. I hate scary movies and coffee.  I don’t like to just sit. I like to be moving if I am not sleeping.”

Max is another senior I’ve been blessed to know for several years. I’ve always been impressed with his focus, desire, character, hard work, and also in the way he treats everyone around him. He is a leader who connects with everybody he meets. He has big things ahead.

Finally he told me that while he couldn’t live without Kroger chocolate milk, life would be great if he never had to eat broccoli again.

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