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Indianapolis Photographer | Izak | Senior Portraits

Hey everybody! I’m more than happy to introduce 2018 Senior Izak to you all. Along with being the President of his class at Carmel High School, he is a busy kid who spends a majority of time volunteering and serving at iTown Church. I loved having the opportunity shoot his senior photos!

If you follow him on any of his social media feeds or meet him, you will quickly learn that he is an inspirational, energetic, compassionate, and passionate young man. Wherever his future path takes him, he will be sharing the gospel, motivating people to overcome challenges, making people laugh, having fun, and working hard. I’ve been blessed to know him for a couple of years.

He describes himself as “a very driven person. I love exercise, reading, music, and traveling! It’s always a joy to meet and interact with new people. I love personal growth as well.”

This summer, he’s involved in a 6-week summer iTown Leadership Academy where he loves be challenged, learning new things, growing his faith, and connecting with lots of people.

Currently, his favorite song is Hand of God (Outro) by John Bellion. When I asked him to describe his personality, he gave me one word: hype (I love it). He hopes to travel the world and avoid eating Kale in the future. He’s also a really deep thinker who is obsessed with reading books, and dreaming about future plans and goals with friends.

I love this kid and I’m really blessed to know him. He is a one-of-a-kind kid who is ready to take on the future. For a kid who is so high energy and confident, I’m also continually impressed with his humility and the way he continually works on being a friend to everybody. This is probably part of the reason he is the president of his class at Carmel HS.


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