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Fishers Senior Photographer | Lauren | 2017 Senior

Loved my session with 2017 Senior Lauren (and hanging out with her family too). I was immediately impressed with Lauren for many reasons. Not only is she an intelligent, highly motivated senior who is involved in all kind of positive things, but she is super down to earth, kind, and humble. She told me she plans to pursue a degree in English with a minor in Political Science before eventually heading to Law School (most likely).

I asked her to describe herself: “I would describe myself as incredibly passionate about everything and anything that I do. I am very much a people person and I love to participate in activities that involve talking to and working with both large and small groups of people. I’m also ridiculously Type-A and detail oriented!”

Like I mentioned she is involved in a ton or really cool things. She told me: “Outside of school, I currently serve as the President of the Fishers Speech Team and the Parliamentarian of Fishers Model United Nations. I love working with new members of each team and seeing how they grow and improve their public speaking skills throughout the season! I also volunteer as a costumed interpreter at Conner Prairie out in 1836 Prairietown. I’ve been a part of their Youth Volunteer Program since I was 12 and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed bringing living history to the community.”

She loves listening to The Lumineers and Jukebox the Giant, love to hang out with friends in Saxony Park (and the pier), and loves almost any activity where she is surrounded with people. She also shares my passion for wearing comfortable clothes.

The one thing you wouldn’t know about Lauren: “I love being politically efficacious. I’m a huge Constitutional law and history nerd, and I read political media daily.” And finally she told me that if should choose one super power it would be telekinesis (which I may need to look up to figure out what this means). Again, she was amazing! I hope you have the opportunity to meet her. Big things ahead.
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