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Carrie + Ian | Scottish Rite Cathedral Wedding | Part I

Carrie and Ian celebrated their wedding day with close to 600 people at The Scottish Rite Cathedral and a private property in Indianapolis (Carrie’s parents “camp” property). It was a phenomenal day in many ways! There was an unbelievable amount of work put into every aspect of the day (and everything turned out amazingly well). I’ve had the pleasure to know Ian and his family for most of his life and it has been a huge blessing to get to know Carrie better and serve as their wedding photographer.

They have dated since high school where they met in a science class and have been together since that time. Ian headed to IU and Carrie headed to Purdue for college.

I asked them to tell me about their proposal: “Ian took Carrie to dinner around Christmas like they always do. They stopped at the camp (where they are having the reception) and he took her on a walk in the woods. He had Christmas lights and candles lighting one of the bridges in the woods. He read scripture to her, talked about their relationship in High School and ultimately sweetly asked her to marry him. Their family was hiding inside the ministry house and surprised her with a little party. She was so surprised about this entire night. Lastly, they went downtown for dinner and called all their friends and family.”

This story is beautiful and is also an example of the value they place on the people in their life ( their family, friends, and people they have just met). I have no doubt that God has huge plans for these guys in the future.
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